Bookeater's Journal


”Carrie Pilby” Caren Lissner



この本を読んだのは「マイ プレシャス リスト」という映画を見て、原作が小説であると知ったからだ。主人公の女の子が可愛かった。







Bucket List もの(余命宣告を受けて死にまでにやりたい事のリストを作る話)







It was by the film I came to know this story at first. The girl who plays the Protagonist was cute, and I like it. That's why I read this original novel.

This is a story about a girl who graduated Harvard with grade-skipping. She has some relationship problems with others, and she sees a counselor. He recommends her to make a kind of list to enjoy her life. Then she's growing up as she does the items of the list one by one....

The film is simplified after being taken away religious and sexual aspects from the novel. It seems recent films are politically modified to be enjoyable for any kind of people all over the world.

Also, this story is narrated by a really intellectual person, so we can find and learn a lot of difficult vocabraries.

Lists seem to be in fashion these days in TV dramas and films, and there are two kinds of stories using lists as significant items.

1. Stories about someone of limited life expectancy who make lists to do until the day they die (so called " a bucket list.")

or stories about someone who try to do items of their lists like this one.

2. Stories about someone who like making lists and hate it when things don't go by lists. ( then, they meet someone who seem to be easy-going , and they are irritated at first, but gradually learn how to enjoy their lives....)

Like above, they are separated into two groups, supporters and opponents of making lists.

Talking about lists, all lists I write are what-to-buy lists which I make before going to supermarkets. Besides, I leave them on the table and go out at the rate of approximately 80-90 %….

However, thinking of the fact that I can buy almost all the things on the list without taking it with me, lists may be the things which appear to be written on papers, but actually they are written on our mind or brain.