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"Jane Austen Book Club″ Karen Joy Fawler











*We don't always like books people we like like

Jane Austen again... you might say. I'm sorry. This is the last. It seems I can't do without trying something with the name of Jane Austen. I read not only "Death comes to Pemberley", but also "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", though I haven't seen the film of "Jane Austen and Zombies" just because I was scared.
I saw the film of this story, I mean "Jane Austen Book Club" at first, then I came to know it has an original book, so I read it in Japanese, then I found the English one at the library. I have never read other books written by this author, but this book doesn't have good book reviews very much. Some people say it has too many caractors. It doesn't matter with me. Of course it's an ensemble cast book. 

Five women and a man start Jane Austen Book Club. Jane Austen wrote 6 books, so each member plays a role of host for each story. Each member has their own problems in their lives , and they change as the story goes.

The man who is the only male member of the club is a Jane Austen beginner, who originally a fan of Science Fiction. He likes one of members, and he reads Austen books he doesn't like at all because he likes her. However, the woman he likes never try to read the SF books he recommends. Is that because she thinks herself too old for him, or she is just stubborn ? I have no idea.

They go to a nice book store, and he picks up some books of his recommendation for her. How sweet as a fiction, but I wonder what I would feel if it really happens to me. I don't  know. I won't read them all. I may read some of them, I guess. It probably depends on how much I like him.

Whatever they read, bookish people prefer the same sort of people to be with in my opinion. To observe other's bookshelf is fun. To be observed my own bookshelf is awkward like being looked inside of me.

Reading is such a very private thing, and I think it very difficult to recommend someone some books.

In conclusion, so it is OK at all, in case you don't read the book I wrote about  after reading this page.