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"The Man in the Brown Suit" Agatha Christie












*Do Fictions need reality?*

Is there anybody who dislikes Agatha Christy? Nobody would. If you do, don't judge after just having read "And Then There We're None" or " Murder on the Orient Express". She wrote lots of fantastic books.

My favorite is this. It is like not only a mystery novel but an adventure and romance one.

I always like detective stories which include 20 percent of romance element. I read this novel again and again, and every time I enjoy reading.

A girl ...or I should say... a woman ...who had just lost her father and left alone get over many troubles with her bravery, wisdom, and beauty. Chance or necessity lead the things proceed one after another..."Oh! Watch out! ", at the moment we think, the hero appears.

That can't be true. Unrealistic. Of course not, I know. That's a fiction, so, do you think fictions need reality? This world is full of reality. Sometimes we need to feel free from it by reading fictions, I think.

Agatha Christie's English books have few difficult words. Stories are page-turner. They would be suitable for your first English books to read through. Also, we can find some sentences which express complicated things in easy words. That's enlightening.

When we read mysteries in translated Japanese, Japanese publishers are so kind that we find a list of characters on the first pages almost always. Without it, we sometimes get puzzled mixing up many characters... what would you cope with such a case? I make my own character lists or their family tree and use them as book marks. It might seem to be troublesome, but the trouble would pay to take in the long run. They make it much easier to follow the story than turning pages back and forth.