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″Pride and Prejudice″ Jane Austen










残念ながら、小説ではMr.Dercy は池に飛び込みません…。



I like Jane Austen so so much that I wonder if I should join Jane Austen Society...  Are not literary researchers but ordinary common people accepted by them? What do they do? Please tell me if you know.

When someone ask me," who is your favorite author?", and I answer, "Jane Austen", suddenly the distance between me and them stretch out over about 2m. Sometimes I meet someone who say, " I like Pride and Prejudice", then I get exited and keep talking about Jane Austen. It's also effective to keep a long distance between me and the person.

Anyway, this is the finest story written by Jane Austen, needless to say. I like her other stories, too, but still, everyone would say this is the best.

Even if you have never read the book, many people should have seen the TV drama BBC made in 1995, or the film made in 2005.

A man and a woman, who had not a good first impression to each other, come to be in love and get married after this and that roundabout. That's the extremely brief plot.

"All right, that's a story like typical romcom", you might say....wait, pleeease, don't forget the fact that this is probably one of the first such kind of love stories, or if it's not the first, it was written at the time when such a kind of story rarely existed. ( It was first published in 1813.)

This novel is old, so words are a little difficult. If you feel it too challenging to read, you can watch TV drama or the film in advance. 

To be compared with them, the book is full of ironical humor, though Mr. Darcy doesn't dive into a pond in it.